A Guide to Tipping in Vegas

If you’re riding to Las Vegas and want to have some time to try your luck at the tables with a high rolling game gd lotto, the last thing you would like to fret about is a gaffe.

The etiquette of tipping can be quite mysterious when it comes to whom to tip, how much to tip, and when not to tip. There’s a lot to consider when pondering on the subject. The manners, though seem simple at first, can be quite challenging if not dealt with in the proper channel.

It seems that certain cities and towns hold their unwritten rules, each casino its ways, and every tipster their own opinion. Though opinions and suggestions seem subjective and change from people to people, specific guidelines are always helpful.

So, if you’re that newbie in town, ready to acquaint yourself with the ways of the town, you can go through some of our tips on whom, when, and how of tipping in Las Vegas.


The why of tipping

Unlike Europe, where it is just left to the discretion of the patron, back in the US, the manners are more of an unwritten mandate. Though it is not required of you legally, it’s still expected of you when in the US. A cultural norm is what they call it, more than a token of approval. Minimum wages and dignity of work is highly regarded in the US. This makes it mandatory.

Working at those tables and slots, serving your orders, greeting you at the tables, remembering the usual, and the strangers are quite a task worth notice.

How much to tip?

When you might be hurrying up and down the city that never sleeps, the last thing you would like to worry about is the change for the tip.

The easy way to get things straight is to include a tip of 15-20% before you leave the casino bar. This could be taken as a standard rule in Vegas and the entire US, for that matter. This lets you be on the safe side of things.

Should you tip for lousy service?

lousy service

If the service at the bar has been sloshy, rude, or too messy, you better talk to the restaurant manager. If the service was unsatisfactory and you don’t mind talking about it, it’s even worse.

Leaving the casino without tipping and not giving an explanation would lead to an array of unending questions and queries. It’s always best to avoid these by confronting the matter. If you’re in doubt, you can pay a lesser pay of 10%; this would also get the message across.

Can you tip with chips?

Chips are always the property of the casino, even when you possess it. In the first place, they were never yours to give array. So, the answer to the query would be yes, it happens but technically, no. So, secure yourself with some cash so that you can tip the bar in fashion.


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